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Project “Start ups”, funded by the Eurasum +, Кey priority 1: Youth exchange


Project partners: youth organizations from 5 EU countries – Hungary, Poland, Bulgaria, Romania and Czech Republic

Тhe Institute for Youth Initiatives and Innovations (IYII) is the only Bulgarian partner

„Start-ups!” project is located Vásárosnamény, Hungary being the host of this cultural exchange. The partner countries were Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Romania and Poland.

The main concern of this project is helping the young people to focus on their career, and to help them to get information about how to create their own CV, motivational letter, and about how to act get prepared for a interview.

The activities are based on non formal education and the learning process is made in a very creative way. The program is made according to what the participants want to achieve and everyone can come with different ideas and feedback.

The learning process is made trough different types of activities and it involves energizer games, creative activities, interactive activities, funny activities, because this project tries to offer a non formal way of learning without bored participants.

The international evenings create a proper atmosphere where the participants can learn more about other cultural habits, traditions and behavior.

This project also offers interesting journeys in town or at the country side , because it is very important for the organizers and the participants to involve the local people in their activities.

More information for the project: http://hungarystartups.maweb.eu and http://www.start-ups.eoldal.hu

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