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Training § internship program for NEETs participated in the EDIBO project

Training § internship program for NEETs participated in the EDIBO project

In January 2020, the Institute for Youth Initiatives and Innovations (IYII) launched the Digital Skills training program for unemployed and low-skilled young people up to 29 years of age (so called NEETs), participating in the EDIBO project funded by Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway through the EEA and Norway Grants Fund for Youth Employment. The trainings with a focus on the further development of ICT and entrepreneurial skills of young people, including English classes, attracted the interest of over 120 NEETs from all over the country. In the first phase of the training, the young people attended theoretical lecture classes. The second phase started this month – an internship program in an IT company.
Five young people aged between 19 and 27 were approved to participate in the partnership internship program of IYII and Raytex Engineering Ltd. in Varna. From the beginning of this month, they undergo a one-month internship in the company. Raytex Engineering is a leading engineering company in the field of information technology, integrated security systems, telephone and communication equipment, automation and control systems for business buildings and hotels. It performs design, production and complete engineering in these areas and maintains its own team of highly qualified installers, warranty and post-warranty service.
The EDIBO young people were given the opportunity to touch a real professional environment, meet professionals in the industry, as well as work on real tasks. The internship mentors from the company were three employees, holding the positions of system administrator, graphic designer and technical support specialist.

In the coming months until the end of 2020, IYII plans to conduct another cycle of 200-hour training in “Digital Skills”, suitable for young people aged 18-29 who are currently not studying or working. IYII continues to look for other companies-sponsors of the project, in which the trained young people will have the opportunity for internship.

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