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#EDIBO: Success Stories of our trainees

The Institute for Youth Initiatives and Innovations (IYII) starts the series “Success Stories of #EDIBOBulgaria NEETs” in order to share the experience, confidence and motivation gained after their involvement in the digital skills & entrepreneurship trainings. Some of them had the opportunity to be hosted by IT company in Bulgaria, as a part of the internship program.

Today, we will introduce you Genady from the city of Dobrich, who has completed the 1st Digital Bootcamp in early 2020 and who has changed significantly himself and got motivated to continue higher education and to work what brings him the most pleasure – IT technologies and computers!

„My name is Genady Strahilov. My low self-esteem from the grades of my high school diploma has demotivated me to continue studying for higher education and at some point in my life I stopped developing, I didn’t study and I didn’t work. I had short-term and low-skilled jobs, as the only motivator for working was the money. I worked for a while as a bartender, waiter, high-rise worker…, but that did not give me pleasure. One day, I said to myself “I want to study, to succeed in life” and somehow it happened! And this motivator is called #EDIBOBulgaria… the 200-hour EDIBO course was a good start to improve my digital skills, because from the age of seven I was attracted to dealing with computers, but I had only basic knowledges. After its successful completion at the end of February 2020, and under the positive and emotional influence and the daily guidance of my trainer, Mr. Lachezar Rosenov and fellow students in the course, with my acquired new knowledge and skills, I decided to continue with my education and to develop myself in the field of IT technologies.

Immediately after receiving the EDIBO certificate, I completed really easy the “Google Digital Garage” training course …. My motivation to continue to upgrade my knowledge and skills in this environment pushed me to take another challenge, and it was a course for “Organizer Internet Applications – Internet Trade”and there I received successfully the certificate, because I used my already acquired knowledge and skills from the EDIBO course. Through these training courses, which I passed perfectly well, the awards gave me the necessary motivation and confidence to enroll in higher education. I am currently a second year student at the College – Dobrich – Informatics and Information Technologies, majoring in Informatics, Information Administrator.

But ….. you will always find the word EDIBO in my CV, because EDIBO motivates me first to continue dvelope myself, and the skills I acquired help me right now in college, I easily work with Google products and  Windows 10 environment and all the other applications we use. For the second semester I am the leader of the course and my colleagues and I get along very well, I help with information and materials that I prepare with great success. At the moment I dream of finishing my higher education, finding a well-paid IT job or starting my own business …

I can share something else, I currently own 10 bee families and in my spare time I am a beekeeper. This idea reappeared thanks to the EDIBO bootcamp as well, which included an entrepreneurship module. In one of the training units, we had to develop a business plan to start our own business. One of the ideas was for a bee-garden establishment, proposed by one of my colleagues, I liked it and jokingly bought one beehive, and gradually in 2020, I’m a proud  owner of 10 bee families.“

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