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#Solution4SLD: National Multiplier Event was conducted in Varna, 23.02.2024

#Solution4SLD: National Multiplier Event was conducted in Varna, 23.02.2024

Great success of our final project event in Bulgaria! About 30 school directors, teachers and pedagogical experts, also representatives of the Regional Department of Education – Varna attended the Multiplier event on February 23rd, organized by the Bulgarian partner #YouthInstitute! All they stated the sustainability of the project outputs!

During the meeting, we presented the final results of the project #Soluti0n4SLD, aimed at adapting the education system for children 1-6 grades with specific learning disabilities such as dyslexia and dysgraphia. In order to adapt an educational system for children with  difficulties in writing and reading, our team presented the interactive and inclusive e-learning platform developed by the international consortium of partner organizations from Lithuania, Malta and Bulgaria, as well as the Teacher’s HANDBOOK integrated into it, the interactive Tasks and Games for children with specific learning disabilities.

The two-year project ends on 27.02.2024. and the working meeting with pedagogical specialists and teachers in the city of Varna was the final event for popularizing and multiplying the achieved project outputs. The intro of the interactive games with our main hero Ollie, which are specially designed for children with writing and reading difficulties from grades 1-6, has been extremely popular. 18 original games have been developed, which are logically linked with a motivational element and are a variety in the educational process of children.

The meeting ended with a discussion about the possibility of applying the educational materials in regular schools in the city of Varna and the region in all extracurricular and informal activities such as class time, interest activities, hours scheduled for visiting a specialist at school, etc. Several of the schools expressed interest in being included as pilot schools in other similar projects in the future, which are related to the enrichment of the educational process for both teachers and students.

All training materials developed under the project are available in Bulgarian on the following platform: https://solutions4sld.labirintas.com

Pictures & video materials from the Multiplier Event in Bulgaria:

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